analog photography, 2002-2006

Elfriede Jelinek: In the machine, 2010.

“So, you can also share with a machine, share your workload with a machine, the work that is you. That makes things easier because the machine is told what to do. The machine operator tells it what to do. The idea is not to crawl inside because one knows beforehand that one will never fit inside entirely. The machine is a mystery to us, it means nothing to itself because, as stated above, it is always told what to do. One tells the other, he passes it on. The machine doesn’t pass anything on, it is an executive organ from which human organs sometimes protrude in some places; because this human won’t fit completely into the device and his organs not into his body, he has partially remained outside. In part, he had to stay outside. In order to at least retain his humanity outside the door? That’s a lost cause.”

Text will be published as a “talking postcard” on vinyl in summer 2021 in cooperation with Vinlyograph and Michaela Stock Gallery, Vienna (A).