analog photography, 2004

Walter Moser: In Search of Traces. Marko Zink’s “Kornhäusl” series.

“The famous metaphor of the photograph as a footprint ­ which is caused by touch and contact just as the exposure of the photographic image results from light falling onto a negative ­ is depicted in the “Kornhäusl” series in the true sense of the word. A photograph is an imprint of something that has long ceased to exist. It is a vestige of a referent that has vanished.
In these images, however, it is not only the villa that has disappeared by now but also its one-time occupant and his personal history, which is nevertheless portrayed and preserved in a photographic image. In this dialectic between things past and their continuing presence lies the significance of the photograph as memory. Photography creates objects that touch off a process of recollection in the viewer’s mind.”

In: Blinde Flecken. Werkkatalog Marko Zink. Vienna (A), 2010.