analog photography, 2010-2011

Bettina Schulz: Panta Rhei

“One project that worked extremely well in its entirety is the series about the spa hotel and complex of Schruns in the Vorarlberg region of Austria. Built in the early 1950s this institution had grown by the 1970s into one of the most famous and finest therapeutic spas of its kind. But its turnover began to fall, and since 2002 the complex of building has been empty and deserted, the atmosphere is almost spooky. Even the owner just vanished, overnight, leaving his Porsche parked outside. Many rumours abound as to where he could be and speculation has been rife about what will happen to the complex. Now the plan is to demolish it. This place, with its unspoken stories, was predistined for photographer Marko Zink: Out of it he created a series of provocative images, putting his finger on the paradox of a crumbling therapeutic institution – the »doctor« had become the patient. In these searching images he captures a transience that is independent of the motif, thanks to his special photographic technique. An arm hangs over the side of a bed, over there someone stands behind a curtain. There is a fleeting glimpse of a glamorous past that quickly dissipates into the sadness of negelct and piles of abandoned furniture. A private tragedy in Zink’s own life (…) may also have contributed to the intense melancholy in this series. Vitality and death lay very close together in the artistic concept – reality underpinned it with pitiless force.”

In: NOVUM (world of graphic design 05/12), Munich (GER), 2012: Video