analog photography | 2010
available sizes | 75x50cm | 60x40cm
Lambdaprint mounted on Dibond | framed in museum glass

EXHIBITION TEXT | widmer+theodoridis contemporary | Switzerland

The title points deliberately to two people. However, on the pictures and the video there is clearly only one person to be seen – a naked man climbing over his tractor, imitating the ignition and engine and shaking backwards and forwards. The mask that resembles the famous name giver is just as disconcerting as the naked body. The blown up belly underlines the grotesque imagination that this man could indeed have such a strange hobby in a barn. What, at the beginning, appears to be funny and amusing causes irritation and shame. The viewer is being personally touched and involved. Is it really appropriate to laugh?

EXHIBITIONS VIEWS | widmertheodoridis, Switzerland | Lisi Hämmerle Gallery, Austria | Michaela Stock Gallery, Austria

EXHIBITION PHOTOS | widmertheodoridis | Michaela Stock | Marko Zink