analog underwater photography, 2004-2012

Diethard Leopold: Between Play and Pervasion. A note on Marko Zink’s photo series “Swimmers”.

“An instant of supernatural beauty is being evoked. This also is just one example: a delicate white fabric drifting through the water to assume the form of a grand splendid shell. This is the ephemeral nature of shapes, showing the transitoriness of existence. Marko Zink shows us that shapes are being created – even if the human sense of perception is either too slow or too fast. We grasp, and sense that the shapes of matter are not static, but flowing, floating, sometimes very slowly over long periods of time, like the evolution of species. Rigid shapes and flowing transience, insisting upon the “I” and the inevitable passing of time, sweeping away and changing everything, all these layers are metaphorically placed one upon the other, just like two translucent pictures forming one single theme: “No enlightenment without illusion, no illusion without enlightenment.””

In: Between Play and Pervasion. Vienna (A), 2017: Video