analog photography, mirror prints
2019-2020 | 33 x14 cm | 150x100cm

ARIANE GRABHER | A Well-Stocked Fridge and Animal Hookers 

The new series “Innerer Film” (Inner Movie) is also based on a personal experience. In it, Marko Zink bids farewell to his parental home, his place of origin, fraught with memories, sold in 2020. His grandmother, the “soul of the place”, his mother, and his five aunts, who all lived in the house together, had a formative impact on the artist, and it is to them that he dedicates the completed series. Twelve images printed on and into hand mirrors and mirrored once again—resulting in a pair reminiscent in its arrangement of butterfly wings—are not only a reference to metamorphosis but also an homage. Marko Zink: “We are all but reflections, images of our counterpart in which we see ourselves reflected not just every day but probably for our entire lives.” Concluding the series is the photograph “Morgenstern der finstern Nacht” (The Dark Night’s Morning Star), the final image that was taken just before leaving the parental home. In it we see the artist sitting at the Montafon table that for many years had served as the house’s center and meeting point for the entire family.

Exhibition review published in Zeitschrift für Kultur und Gesellschaft | Edition 10 – 2021