Born in 1975 in Gaschurn, Austria, Marko Zink received his first artistic education from Ingo Springenschmied. He then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where he attended Art and Photography classes, as well as Expanded Pictorial Space, Art in Public Places and Performance taught by Eva Schlegel, Josephine Pryde, Franz Graf, Judith Huemer, Mona Hahn, Matthias Herrmann and Carola Derting. He graduated from Friedl Kubelka’s School for Artistic Photography in Vienna and with distinction from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Furthermore he studied German Philology, Journalism and Art History at the University of Vienna with distinction.

In his artwork Zink interprets staged photography in a new way. On the one hand, he gives the viewer a feeling of incidentally witnessing a fleeting moment. On the other hand, he re-stages subjects as objects and vice versa. Marko Zink makes exclusive use of analogue photography with boiled film. The artist describes the consequential decomposition of the film as an important element of his work. Zink’s photographies have been shown at group exhibitions and solo shows in numerous museums and galleries worldwide. In 2010 and 2012 his work was prominently displayed at the European Month of Photography “eyes on” in Vienna  (Michaela Stock Gallery). In addition, his series swimmer was presented at the “Mois De La Photographie Européenne” 2012 in Paris. For his series tragedies he collaborated with Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek.

In 2012 his artwork was exhibited at the Biennale in Berlin, as well as at the Leopold Museum in Vienna. In winter 2014 the international film festival of human rights, this human world, featured Zink’s artwork as its main poster advertisement. Further international exhibition followed, for example in Lithuania, at the Kaunas Photo Festival 2015 or the Festival of Young European Photographie in Paris, to mention just a few. Furthermore, Marko Zink’s photographies were also presented at the first major Photography Fair in Basel, the Photo Basel Soloshow. In addition to his busy exhibition schedule in the past years, much of his artwork has been published in international magazines, for example the Libération in France.

Maria Magdalena Pressel, 2016.

Assistents and models: Gerd Winkler & Isabelle Anna Zink